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Psychology of Self Study Program
Understanding Yourself In Light Motion Dreaming



Lilliya Nita Maha

The Psychology of Self
Is a fostering of the Tao of Earth
To allow understanding
Of the nature of self realization
And the actualization
Of beautiful dreams
To be cascaded into
 Your soul family through time
In deep care of the heart
In the love of the whole
In the truth of a new day
And a new dream to be lived
In the fostering of transfusion
In the sway of light wave synergy



Light Wave Synergy is a fostering of six nonphysical teams channeled through Lilliya Nita Maha Lani that desire to foster humans into light wave motion of field.  There is archangelic support for transfusion fostering, the Baba who is a force of love, the Ananda who is a force of soul family community building, Nostradamus who is a force of futures, and Seth and Shakti who are twin flame resources of lore fables of life and partnership interests including divine partnership, and the Tao of the planet who fosters self realization in this cycle. The purpose of the program is to enable self realization to become a more conscious focus due to many estuaries of written materials generated through time.


Fostering Dreaming at the Speed of Light

Learning to Interpret the Languages of Spirit and Soul

Understanding Your Life Quagmires to Find Compassion for all others

Mastering the Love of the Love Within

Motioning Beyond Karma into Dharma

Mastering the Law of Attraction

Dreaming Larger than Life Dreams

Mastering Transfusion

Mastering the Sway and Flight with Spirit and Soul


The written essays offered to those in the study program include

  • Earth Chroniclesn

  • Tao Realization Chronicles

  • Psychology of Self Essays

  • Seth and Shakti Divine Partnership Studies

  • Ananda Chronicles for Soul Family Fostering

  • Baba Audio Lectures


The donation requested is $150 for the half year

and includes a 90 minute consultation with Lilliya over the telephone

Donations can be received via PayPal at lightwavesynergy@gmail.com


Fall Event

Sandpoint, Idaho

October 17-20


For more information or if you would like to register

Please e-mail Lilliya Nita at

lightwavesynergy@gmail.com               lightwaveevolution@gmail.com