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 Consultations with Lilliya Nita Maha

aka Karen Danrich


Lilliya Nita Maha



The Medicine Woman

I am the equinox of myself

Incanting a fortuitous dream

Fostered in a vision quest of my life

Over the quagmires and quandaries of existence

Uncovering an infinite awareness

Of my soul

Reflecting upon the self of myself

Giving birth unto divine concepts

In a postulation of realization

Of the truth of my spirit

Through time

Drawn from infinite ancestral wisdom

Of an anthology of inheritance

Of sustainable light wave synergy

That renews heals and sustains life


Lilliya Nita is a gifted medicine woman and channel of the divine fostering new information in support of the emerging era of light.  Light is taking flight and humans are beginning to transfuse and embody Light Wave DNA.  There are many needs for the biological blueprint to take flight in health and wellbeing.  Lilliya is in divine service unto humanity to foster those needing to understand the journey into transfusion and realization of self.  She is available for one to one consultations over the telephone for those in need of support. 

Lilliya Nita is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara with a degree in developmental psychology (1981).  She is also a graduate and minister of Berkeley Psychic Institute (1993).  Her application of her psychic introspection led to fostering clear conscious channeling of the divine nonphysical resources desiring to support humanity in this time of awakening from ascension into mindset development and light wave synergy.  She is the author of countless essays on ascension and self realization aptitudes of spiritual understanding written through time.  She fosters an international study program for realizing you into divine love of all.


Consultations with Lilliya Nita


Lilliya Nita fosters many nonphysical systems of support in her consultations.  The presence of the Baba is a love oriented resource for healing the body mind spirit connection.  Yogananda systems foster an understanding and balancing of light quotients and light motion of field.  Archangel Gabrielle aids in monitoring and motioning transfusion light based systems.  The ancestors aid in fostering the light wave genetic blueprints into healthy and sustainable biological blueprints.   There are many resources from the realms of spirit that support each session.  Healing is provided one day before and one day following each event to foster your life changes in light motion of field.



Transformational Focuses


Understanding Your Divine Soul Purpose

Finding Your Divine Twin Flame

Understanding Divine Partnership Lore Fable Unfolding

Forgiving Difficult Life and Ancestral Karma

Healing the Wounded Inner Child,, Adult or Parent

Fostering the Law of Attraction

Dream Weaving and Abundance

Fostering the Path into Self Realization

Fostering Renewal and Anti-Aging in Light Motion of Field

Fostering Light Wave DNA

Fostering Mindset Development

Healing Difficult Family or Partnership Disturbances

Healing Mind Bend into Depression or Anxiety

Diet and Health for Light Wave Synergy of Field

Fostering Divine Understanding Within



Lilliya offers 90 minute sessions over the telephone

For more information or to set up a session or series of sessions please e-mail


Lilliya Nita Maha